Personal Reference from Peter Neville Director/Tutor, COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) Clinical Professor, Dept of Veterinary Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Japan Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University, USA (Adjunct Full),2012

Sam Redmond (DipCAPBT)NOCN gained her Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training with COAPE in 2008. She has since gone on most successfully to develop a broad and extensive experience of working with animals in her behaviour referral practice and Home School. She demonstrates a real empathy for her clients and crucially devotes much time planning individually tailored treatment programmes for them, and then supports them all the way through the therapeutic process. Alongside her behaviour practice, Sam is now also heavily invested in preventing behaviour problems in dogs. She runs a day care alternative called Home School working alongside owners to teach their pets how to cope with life. As always, Sam only uses modern  motivational  techniques to help all her clients’ pets learn how to behave and be successful companions, both at home and in society. In serving the referring veterinary practice, Sam is thoroughly reliable, attends to cases very promptly and keeps everyone informed with regular progress reports on every behaviour case. All in all, she is a first class all round example of a modern behaviourist.

Rebecca  and Olly

Sam has been really helpful and supportive with our dog Olly. Olly has had a number of behaviour issues and after seeking advice from another behaviourist it was clear to compare that Sams techniques and advice is really second to none. Sam came to assess Olly and didn’t want to put him in any difficult or stressful situations. We had ‘homework’ and started to see improvement in his behaviour pretty much straight away. Sam consistently asked for updates on his behaviour and how we felt we were dealing with the homework she set. Of course we faced challenges along the way but Sam helped us to overcome these. Sam understood that we needed quick intervention due to being due to having a baby and us being apprehensive of bringing a baby into the home where Olly was. It has been a long road for Olly but we finally feel that he is constantly improving. Whilst still receiving weekly ‘check ins’ from Sam!

We would highly recommend Sam, she’s fab!xx

Michelle and Milo

Sam has helped us a lot in the last year with our reactive and very excitable dog. Milo can now cope better in situations such as meeting other dogs and people as well as being around traffic/bikes. He is listening more and disengaging much better with the help of the language we were taught to use. Sam looks at all avenues including homework/activities to be carried out with your dog at home, as well as looking at the dogs diet! Thanks Sam

Debra and Woody

Sam’s advice has been really good in helping me to calm my reactive dog. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I can see a positive change in his behaviour. Also her continued support has been invaluable at the times when I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere, giving me guidance and encouragement to persevere. I have seen several behaviourists over the 4 years I’ve had Woody and Sam’s strategies have been the most effective for him.

Amy and Creature

Sam has helped us enormously with our anxious staffy, we have addressed techniques to help her manage her fears and she is able to calm herself now. We have worked through using techniques to keep her focused when out on a walk and by talking through a situation this has helped to keep her calm and alleviate my stresses. These are techniques I will continue to use. Thank you Sam

Ros & Dotty

Sam has helped us enormously with Dotty who is a very reactive dog. Dotty has come on so much and don’t know where we would be without her expert help. highly recommend.

Karen & Daisy

We contacted Sam after various methods of training for our cockapoo puppy failed. We were convinced that we had a problem dog who would never trust us, but Sam soon put our fears at ease and explained that we needed to try and understand our dog to give her the tools to be at ease and manage herself in certain situations. Slowly but surely we could see a really close bond developing and that this really was the way forward. Now almost four months later we cannot believe that we ever doubted our puppy. We may not have a puppy who will do a variety of tricks for treats but to us it is more important that with our help she can adjust to situations within and outside of the home which leads us to giving her a fulfilling life. With this type of training it is very much ongoing using the knowledge that Sam has given you to help your dog but very rewarding.

Dot & Dude

Our dog (& us!)had been through a traumatic time and we were frankly at our wits end about how to help him (&us!).

A friend at work recommended Sam and it’s been brilliant. She’s really helped us to help him, things are so much better and he’s a happy, healthy chap enjoying his new life. Highly recommend Sam!

Kath & Bracken

Sam cares passionately about the dogs she works with. we were struggling with our pointer × lab even though we’ve always had dogs. she gets what the dog wants and teaches you how to read them. we still have a way to go but no longer anxious. Sam is super supportive.

Lois & Annik

Incredibly engaging and inspiring training days with Sam. Her integrity shines through her methods, I’ve never had any formal dog training but I know I won’t need to look any further. I trust Sam completely to give me honest and ethical training every time.

Kim & Buzz

I approached Sam when I was worried about my rescue greyhound Buzz. She is such a nervous girl and I struggled even to walk her as she would often just freeze. I had tried a lot of different things but to no avail, Sam came to see me at home she was very down to earth and made me feel I wasn’t going mad, she explained about balancing her brain chemistry through her diet and keeping an eye on protein levels in order to take the intensity out of her reactions. She also taught me about raised cortisol levels and how this can have an adverse effect on the body. Sam also showed me how to talk Buzz through things in order to get her brain thinking. This helped me greatly to read Buzzes body language and understand what she was telling me she needed to do. Everything Sam explained made perfect sense and was easy to understand, Sam kept in touch via email and telephone which was very helpful
Buzz will always be a nervous girl but with Sam’s help she copes so much better now. She can now walk past children and dogs and cope with noises whereas before she would freeze and couldn’t move. Instead of running upstairs when a visitor comes she chooses to stay downstairs and sometimes greet them. Every few weeks she would shut down for a week or so. Sam explained that this was her brain getting too exhausted to cope and needed a rest. Now when her brain needs a rest she just doesn’t eat for a day or so and then is back to normal.
I would definitely recommend Sam to anyone who is having issues with their pets.

Ron & Oscar

A different way to train dogs.!!! Sam’s way of training, gives the dog the confidence and skills to cope with situations without the owner having to revert to harsh methods. My dog is a six year old lab cross rescue, originally from Corfu. I’ve had him for 12 months and he has all ways barked and lunged at other dogs. Sam taught me methods to help Oscar overcome his fears and build confidence. He is now a much calmer dog and we can pass most other dogs without incident. He is a work in progress and has some other behaviour issues which I will be asking for Sam’s help.

Amelia and Lexi

I contacted Sam a while ago now about our 1 year old collie x husky, Lexi. We adopted our pup when she was around 6/7 months old and she was very nervous/anxious when out on her walks. Sam came to visit us and provided us with lots of information and showed us lots of techniques to help calm her down and make her feel relaxed. Lexi has come along way with everything that Sam has taught us, and is improving all the time. Sam is always there to provide support when needed and keeps in regularly contact to see how Lexi is getting on. Highly recommend 😊

Lisa and Arthur

am has gone above and beyond her job. She has been amazing and is so easy to talk to and cares about you and your animal. I recommend Sam 100% .Thanks Sam for all the help you have given us over the last few months we can’t thank you enough.

Robert and Millie

We approached Sam in August to discuss various behaviour problems with our collie-cross Millie.
We went through a course of behavioural therapy with Sam between September and December 2018 focusing mainly on Millie’s unpredictable lunging at bikes, cars, lorries/buses and, of course, other dogs.
The first things that Sam taught us was to provide Millie with a diet that complemented training and to persuade Millie to make better choices rather than forcing her to do what we want her to do.
What I liked about the advice given throughout is that it was straight forward to follow and it did not really require us to change much that we were doing. I liked that Sam got us to think more about what might be influencing the dog rather than us just controlling her.
At present, 4-months on, we are a lot more aware of what sets Millie off. She is much more predictable with vehicles (although she still isn’t a fan of other dogs!) and she generally seems more relaxed on walks. I also feel more confident in recognising the signs that she is agitated early, so that I can remove her from situations where she might feel stressed.
Thanks, Sam!

Reggie, Ethel and Kay

I cannot thank Sam enough for her help with our dogs. We had a very distressing situation with one of our dogs where unfortunately due to bad breeding, He was terrified of absolutely everything and didn’t know how to react other than with agression and excessive barking.
Sam took the time to understand our situation and also helped us to understand our dogs mental condition, she explained everything in depth and made sure we knew what we were dealing with, what we needed to do and how to move forward. Her help and understanding has been invaluable. Sam worked tirelessly with us and kept in touch every couple of days to discuss progress and tweaks to our training if needed. We now have two happy, healthy and confident little dogs, it’s a joy having them in our lives and no longer a foreboding struggle. Sam most definitely has the best interest of her clients and animals at heart, It is clear that she does this for her love and compassion for dogs and their families.

Jan and Duffy 

Sam came out to meet our 15 month old Schnoodle who gets very excited with visitors and when spotting other dogs on a walk – all she wants to do is play. Very interesting to hear about the ‘emotional mind’ and looking beyond the behaviour. Sam gave us strategies to use in both situations and Duffy has responded very well. Things are now much calmer and Duffy seems to be thinking things out for herself. Many thanks Sam.

Gemma & Zeus

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Worked very well with our large energetic young male. Great at explaining the reasoning behind behaviours and how to deal with them.

Jess-Lemmy and Fallon

Fabulous in every way. A credit to her profession. Would recommend thoroughly. Her dogs are also absolutely fantastic!

Sue and Tilly

I was so worried about my rescue dog, when out walking. I had tried everything I could think of, to help her, but any improvement only lasted a couple of weeks. I knew that I needed the help of an expert. Sam came to visit us at home and after listening to all the information that I could give to help, Sam immediately identified her problem. My poor little Dog was afraid of other dogs. Sam is very informative, not only about the actual training but about diet too. I changed her food, which she preferred anyway! Sam helped me to understand my dogs “mind set” and how to help her feel less anxious. I eagerly took on board everything Sam said. I know it will take time, but already the difference is quite amazing. The fact that Sam’s methods work, and will continue to work is such a relief. I am thoroughly enjoying the training programme. Sam emails to check progress too. To know that I am not on my own in this, and that Sam is the expert that I can call on is so reassuring. I would recommend her to anyone. If you are reading this and have any issues with your dog, I urge you to speak to Sam, you won`t regret it.

Laura and Banjo

Sam is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. Moreover she listens! One of my dogs (rescued at 7months) had never been out of his run until we got him, resulting in fear of traffic/loud noises(where he launched at lorries etc.) and anxiety at not being able to bound up to other dogs on walks. Both problems resulted in him seeming aggressive. Sam gave me some great advice and good tools to help me to help him cope. Walks are now much calmer. I wasn’t able to identify how he was feeling or why, but Sam soon got to the bottom of it. Thank you Sam!

Pollyanna’s Pooches

I have known Sam for a number of years. Her knowledge, understanding and patience are outstanding. I would always go to Sam with any issues or questions that I have

Kerry Wild – Breeder

I had known Sam for quite a while via a mutual friend but not on a professional level until I had a young dog returned to me suffering from various Separation Anxiety Issues. Thanks to Sam’s expert advice, support,guidance and step by step program we saw fantastic results the young dog happily found his forever home is now a happy confident adult

For the last three years Sam has taught at the Northern Breed Adolescent Training Day and has been invaluable giving talks, demonstrations and training sessions.She covered everything from understanding our dogs emotions, to short practical group sessions in basic obedience as well as problem solving.

If you are looking for positive force free training delivered in a fun but informative way that actually gets results or help and advice on behavioural issues then contact Sam

Rachel and Rufus

We’ve been working with Sam along with our puppy Rufus for a couple of months after getting to the end of our tether with some of Rufus’ behaviours that were so out of character. Rufus is a strong and boisterous German Wirehaired Pointer who started to demonstrate some alarming behaviours at around 9/10 months old – jumping at cars, cyclists, people as well as appearing to be very nervous / aggressive.

From the outset Sam made some recommendations that would benefit us and help calm Rufus down when he was unable to manage his own emotions; these worked fairly quickly (food, treats, language). The insights that Sam provided into behaviours and impact of testosterone / cortisone levels really helped us to understand Rufus much better and ensure that he was in the best environment dependent on his mood.

Sam has been at hand to answer questions and listen to concerns. It’s been a difficult path at times with Rufus and there have been some tears from me along the way but by working with Sam and ensuring we provide Rufus with the right approach we are slowly turning the corner.

Would recommend Sam to anyone looking to better understand their dog’s behaviour.

Karen & Amber

Sam is a lovely lady who helped my daughter and I train our dog to pass Levels 1 and 2 on her journey to becoming an assistance dog. She very patiently worked with my daughter who is disabled and has many physical limitations, finding ways to make things work for her. Before meeting Sam we had never heard of how to use “shaping” to achieve task work. We will always be grateful for what she has helped us achieve. Thanks Sam!

Lisa & Betty

Sam has worked with us as a family and helped our anxious little Jack Russel,Betty, to become more settled and happy when out walking. She has a very calming nature and all her work is based on positive reinforcement. We woul definitely recommend Sam.


Sam has helped us train our Doberman puppy, nursing us through training difficulties like biting. She has been fantastically supportive and always coming up with new ideas for us to try to make training fun and enjoyable for both ourselves and our puppy. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and having seen her work with her own dog Koda she gives me something to aspire to.


Just thought I’d let you know how much more manageable Woody is following your training and advice. As you know walking him was a chore rather than a pleasure due to his sometimes aggressive behaviour towards other dogs walking and while in the car. Glad to say that this has been mostly eradicated following the introduction of your positive training. We are more comfortable taking the dogs out together, Woody even responds to the in car training and where he used to be very noisy when passing other dogs, a lot of the time now he just watches them and if we continue with your advice we can usually avoid the problems occurring.

Having had dogs for many years we thought perhaps that we knew how to handle any situation but having taken on Woody at 6 months old we had not seen this type of behaviour before. Without you’re training I’m not sure where we would be now, very stressed I would imagine and not being able to enjoy walking the two dogs together which is something we’ve always wanted. Many thanks for your time and advice, hopefully we won’t need your services again but if we do we’ll have no hesitation in giving you a call.


We approached Sam for help with our Northern Inuit Mako. He was pulling us really badly when walking and lunging towards people and dogs when he wanted to meet them. As he is around 46 Kilos he was dragging us all over the place and it was becoming very dangerous. As Sam came highly recommended by the breeder of our dog and Sam has an Northern Inuit herself, we hoped that she would be better help than the local dog training classes, which were useless. Sam visited our house and spent two full hours working with Mako and left us with some training tasks and techniques, as well as recommending a Mekuti balance harness instead of using a flat collar. Sam also has provided telephone and email support for our questions and has been extremely patient and helpful, we could not be happier and would recommend her to anyone. It was Sam’s training that has helped Mako and us, and enabled enjoyable walks and take Mako’s training to the next level.


We had Dylan from 8 weeks old and everything was fine until he reached 6 months old, I started to notice he was aggressive with other dogs and he went to bite a couple of people when we were out on his walks. I then took the decision to have him neutered and as a result, the problems got worse. This is when I asked for help from Sam Redmond, who was recommended by our vet. The first session was her getting to know Dylan, our family and all about the problems that we had with Dylan. She was very positive and sure that the problems could be sorted by me and the rest of my family working with her, she gave me a better understanding of why Dylan was behaving like he was. She accompanied me on our daily walk so she could observe his behaviour. Sam gave me advice and showed me how to deal with Dylan when he reacts in certain situations eg. When he came in contact with other dogs, people walking in close proximity, passing cyclists and joggers. He would be aggressive in all of the situations mentioned previously. . Dylan works best with treats rather than a toy so I always carry them with me on walks. Sam also helped me realise that Dylan is a nervous dog and showed me ways to make him feel secure, eg. by making him a den where he can feel safe, also how to train him with a Clicker which Dylan took to quite well. Sam also recommended some calming aids to help with his nervousness which turned out to be a great help as he is now much calmer and able to learn new behaviours. Sam would always keep in contact by phone to see how we were getting on and if we were having any problems which I found a great help. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone who has problems with their dog as she has helped me to enjoy the walks with Dylan rather than dread them as I used to do. She has built my confidence as well as Dylan’s which we are all grateful for.


Wilf is our first dog and we found the training that Sam gave him invaluable. We didn’t have a clue where to start but by attending the Puppy Foundation Course that was run by Sam, we picked up lots of tricks and techniques and it gave us a really sound basis for starting Wilf’s training. We were so pleased with his progress after only 8 weeks. We would definitely use Sam again in the future for any further training requirements. Sam has been brilliant both in class and on email. As it’s all new to us we’ve been asking lots of people for advice and out of everyone that we’ve spoken to Sam is the person that we listen to and trust the most. I would definitely recommend Sam to friends.


Despite months of research, visiting the breeder several times and reading as many puppy manuals as I could get my hands on, getting our puppy home was like a baptism of fire. Ok, so we’d gone for a Vizsla as our first dog, which I was later told was like buying a Ferrari just after passing your driving test. It was harder than I could have imagined, and I definitely had ‘what have I done moments’. My concern was that I didn’t really know where to start with training our gorgeous girl, and so started looking for some local classes. I found Sam and started the classes as a complete novice, with hands full, and a head full of doubts. However, over the weeks with the help of Sam and her team, I have grown so much in confidence, gained some much needed advice and now have a 6 month old puppy that is doing me proud in and out of lessons. The classes are all small and friendly, and what I like is that Sam adapts the lessons to suit each individual dog, with the aim of us all reaching the same goal. The expert tuition and support in general, has turned dog ownership into an absolute joy, from something that felt quite scary to begin with. I’d highly recommend the classes.

Gill and Archie

I first used Sam Redmond for puppy training, both on a one to one and in a group situation. She was quick to identify training needs and help establish positive, but achievable training methods and outcomes for both me and my dog. She is always there to make suggestions to help both me and my dog get the best from each other. As a first time dog owner Sam’s help has been invaluable, I would certainly recommend her services to others.


I asked for Sam’s help with my 13 month old Chocolate Labrador, who had become hard to handle on the lead and was constantly jumping up when anybody came to visit. Sam helped me to understand why Lewis reacted the way he did. He is now much more controllable, and responds more to my commands. Although he still gets excited with visitors,with the tips that Sam gave me it is no longer a nightmare when we receive visitors.  Sam’s understanding is fantastic. I’d been trying to use the basic command “Stay” with Lewis but it just didn’t work. Changing the word to “still” has had a great impact. He will now sit and remain sat while I open the gate and take the bin out. I now have a lot more confidence taking him out for walks on the field off the lead, which is great. Sam’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable. I recommend her services to anybody.”

Shane & Harvey

Sam really knows her stuff,  Harvey is a wonderful dog thanks to Sam and the behaviour work helped him start life with us well balanced. Would definitely recommend

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