Just thought I’d let you know how much more manageable Woody is following your training and advice. As you know walking him was a chore rather than a pleasure due to his sometimes aggressive behaviour towards other dogs walking and while in the car. Glad to say that this has been mostly eradicated following the introduction of your positive training. We are more comfortable taking the dogs out together, Woody even responds to the in car training and where he used to be very noisy when passing other dogs, a lot of the time now he just watches them and if we continue with your advice we can usually avoid the problems occurring.


Having had dogs for many years we thought perhaps that we knew how to handle any situation but having taken on Woody at 6 months old we had not seen this type of behaviour before. Without you’re training I’m not sure where we would be now, very stressed I would imagine and not being able to enjoy walking the two dogs together which is something we’ve always wanted. Many thanks for your time and advice, hopefully we won’t need your services again but if we do we’ll have no hesitation in giving you a call.