We had Dylan from 8 weeks old and everything was fine until he reached 6 months old, I started to notice he was aggressive with other dogs and he went to bite a couple of people when we were out on his walks. I then took the decision to have him neutered and as a result, the problems got worse. This is when I asked for help from Sam Redmond, who was recommended by our vet. The first session was her getting to know Dylan, our family and all about the problems that we had with Dylan. She was very positive and sure that the problems could be sorted by me and the rest of my family working with her, she gave me a better understanding of why Dylan was behaving like he was. She accompanied me on our daily walk so she could observe his behaviour. Sam gave me advice and showed me how to deal with Dylan when he reacts in certain situations eg. When he came in contact with other dogs, people walking in close proximity, passing cyclists and joggers. He would be aggressive in all of the situations mentioned previously. . Dylan works best with treats rather than a toy so I always carry them with me on walks. Sam also helped me realise that Dylan is a nervous dog and showed me ways to make him feel secure, eg. by making him a den where he can feel safe, also how to train him with a Clicker which Dylan took to quite well. Sam also recommended some calming aids to help with his nervousness which turned out to be a great help as he is now much calmer and able to learn new behaviours. Sam would always keep in contact by phone to see how we were getting on and if we were having any problems which I found a great help. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone who has problems with their dog as she has helped me to enjoy the walks with Dylan rather than dread them as I used to do. She has built my confidence as well as Dylan’s which we are all grateful for.