Dog Home School

Dog Home School – Teach – Walk – Play  A New Kind of Day care -dog walking with a difference

No time? Too busy? Need someone to teach your dog for you? Want support and guidance raising a puppy? Need someone to spend time with your dog when you are out? Then this is for you.

This isn’t your average day care or dog walking service. I teach and provide companionship for your dog in the comfort of his/her home. A combination of play, exercise, and learning, your dog will enjoy and benefit from these sessions whilst you are out at work. I incorporate going for walks with your dog when appropriate, and as it fits in with the overall plan for your dogs home schooling.

Dogs and their owners will benefit from my unique HomeSchool right through to maturity and beyond. I offer support and guidance from puppy to adult, so your dog is equipped with a strong and healthy mind able to cope with all the challenges of life.


Raising a puppy is hard work and many people feel overwhelmed at times. Understanding the developmental stages, what is happening with your puppy and learning how to teach and help them in a way that works for their personality is vital. Working with me in HomeSchool means that I am also getting to know your pup and working with them and with you. I’m on hand to offer dietary and behavioural advice while we work together to develop a mind that is strong and stable and able to cope with all the world has to throw at them.


Many people think that once their pup is a year old they have finished developing. In fact from the end of the first year right through to the third year there is a significant amount of emotional and neurological development. Your young dog is not being disobedient or naughty, he/she is struggling to make sense of how they are feeling. While I work with your youngster in HomeSchool I will feed back to you what stage they are at and what we need to do to help them through it. This is a crucial stage and many owners feel boosted having someone to support them through this phase.


Adult dogs will benefit from the company and enrichment that HomeSchool provides. As adults, we often think dogs have grown up to be content with whatever their situation and routine is. Although they do not need the same kind of support as youngsters, they do still need to engage in learning, play and companionship. We have fun learning tricks, do things to help and be involved with in the home, and play fun games to enrich their adult lives.

For all services see notes on exemptions.

HomeSchool is priced at £14 per session. You choose how often your dog enjoys a session. Feedback, videos, and information for you to continue his/her learning when you are at home are included.

PLEASE NOTE – exemptions
*This is not a dog walking service in the traditional sense. All walks are part of an overall homeschool plan.

*Behavioural problems such as guarding, aggression, fear, issues with other dogs and compulsive orders are not covered in the HomeSchool. See the Behavioural package for further details.

“We have been working with Sam for some time now and the change we see in our pup is amazing! The techniques she uses, we can replicate in our day to day lives and the support we receive when we are having a tough time with an adolescent Alaskan Malamute is above and beyond what we expected when we signed up. The home school sessions are ideal for us as we work during the day and after Sam is finished the session, he’s knackered so sleeps until we wake him up when we get home.”

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