Day care training package

“We have been working with Sam for some time now and the change we see in our pup is amazing! The techniques she uses, we can replicate in our day to day lives and the support we receive when we are having a tough time with an adolescent Alaskan Malamute is above and beyond what we expected when we signed up. The day care sessions are ideal for us as we work during the day and after Sam is finished the session, he’s knackered so sleeps until we wake him up when we get home.”

Does your dog constantly pester you, do they push you on the stairs or jump at the kitchen workbenches? Are they struggling with Impulse Control and need general help to manage themselves?

This is an a unique and different way to do day care in that a qualified and professional behaviour specialist can come to your home  and spend as much time as you like training your dog or new puppy while you are at work.  We can work on specific issues or I can do fun training for mental stimulation such as trick training or scentwork. You tell me what you want me to work on and I keep you updated.  You will be given a spreadsheet that is updated at each visit letting you know your dogs progress and where possible videos will be taken and forwarded to you.

Some of the things I am currently working on with clients are:

Body and foot awareness

safety on the stairs

Impulse control

safety in the kitchen

learning to relax alone 

This service is only applicable to dogs who are comfortable with a stranger coming into your home while you are out and for basic issues around the home, impulse control and basic obedience.

This service costs £12 per hour.

Behaviour work involving aggression, guarding, separation problems and other deep issues are not included

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