I am a qualified Animal Behaviour Specialist having studied under some of the most well known people in the industry.  I hold an Open College Network accredited level 3 Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy. I have completed many additional CPD courses. I have mentors who are experts in the fields of cognition, emotionality and wolves both wild and captive.

After spending a number of years working in dog clubs and developing puppy programmes I moved into private practice.

I sat on the Steering Committee of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles for a time.

I specialize in young dogs and in particular the Adolescent. I have extensive knowledge of the hormone cycle and development. I spend a lot of time making sure owners really understand how this affects behaviour and how to help their pet through this.

I also have a deep understanding of Cognition and Emotional Intelligence.

I  have an interest in the Wolf dog types. I spent a number of years working closely with a number of wolf dog and look a like breeders holding regular training days and providing behaviour and training support.

I have written many articles for National Magazines such as Dogs Today Magazine and Barks with PPG with whom I have shared case studies and breed specifics.

I have spoken as guest speaker at a number of National Events.

I spent a number of years as an approved trainer of Assistance Dogs with Dog A.I.D

I have experience of Search and Rescue work, Gun dog work, working trials and worked my way through the Talking Dogs Scent-work levels which is customs and excise training for pet dogs.

I am a member of  the Pet Professional Guild.

I am also a supporter of and practice a technique called Free will teaching.

I own 2 dogs – Koda a Wolf look a like cross breed and Tipsy a Jack Russell.

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