1 – 1 Behaviour Consultations

Sam is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. Moreover she listens! One of my dogs (rescued at 7months) had never been out of his run until we got him, resulting in fear of traffic/loud noises(where he launched at lorries etc.) and anxiety at not being able to bound up to other dogs on walks. Both problems resulted in him seeming aggressive. Sam gave me some great advice and good tools to help me to help him cope. Walks are now much calmer. I wasn’t able to identify how he was feeling or why, but Sam soon got to the bottom of it. Thank you Sam!” Laura Rickard

I use a holistic approach that focuses on your dogs’s emotional state. I work on the mind changing mindsets and perspectives which in turn changes how your pet feels about the situation that is the problem.

Looking at everything from diet through to breed specific behaviour and human dog relationships we can work at changing your dogs response to a number of issues he/she is struggling with.

A behaviour assessment takes about 2 hours, we go through the history, problems, what you’ve tried and a number of other factors.

Once I’ve assessed what’s going on, and the motivation for the behaviour, I do an individually tailored treatment plan for you to follow to resolve this. We check things are progressing via email/phone follow up.  Full support is given throughout the process. If necessary I will refer to your vet for further investigation and I will liase with them.

Some examples of things I have dealt with are aggression, guarding problems, compulsive disorders, phobias and much more.

For more details do get in touch via the contact button or call 07774528809

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1 – 1 Behaviour Consultations

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