1 – 1 Puppy and Dog Training

1-1 Dog training

Sessions tailored specifically to what you and your dog needs, and adapted to fit into your lifestyle.

Many people don’t have the time to go to training classes and when they do they struggle with a dog that can’t think or is too excited. Often as the owner you are too distracted and worried to concentrate so many people find private 1-1 sessions more helpful.

I offer an alternative to day care or dog walking services. I can come to your home up to 3 days per week and spend an hour training your dog while you are at work.

This session is only applicable to dogs who are comfortable with a stranger coming into your home while you are out and for basic training such as leadwork, recall, impulse control and basic obedience.

In the professional world we are increasingly seeing that dogs that spend a lot of time in alternative care rapidly lose the ability to connect appropriately with other dogs or to focus on their owners while out and about so this new service is designed to help your dog become the stable adult dog that can go anywhere with you.

Behaviour work involving aggression, separation problems, guarding and deeper issues are not included in this service

1-1 Puppy training

Covering the first few weeks of puppy hood with a start on basic training and socialisation these sessions will get you and your pup off to a good start ready for introductions to the world.

For puppies who are not yet fully vaccinated, or for owners who can’t get to class. It is important your pup learns good social skills from appropriate adult dogs right through his development. My own adult dog, Koda, can provide your puppy with a positive experience of adult dogs.


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