1 – 1 Dog Training Packages

“We love working with Sam, she has so much knowledge and advice to share! Would absolutely recommend and we will definitely be continuing our sessions with Sam!” Julia Zoe


Puppy Mania

Covering the first few weeks of puppyhood right through to adolescence this package will cover every aspect of your pups’ training and development. I can answer all your questions and give advice where needed. The package is flexible and can be adapted to cover what you are struggling with at the time.

Ideal for those who can’t get to class or for pups that have not yet completed the vaccination programme. Because it is 1-1 you get individual time and attention not always possible in a class. In addition the foundations you and your pup receive are not possible in a class situation. This package is designed to set you and your pup up with all the preparation needed to navigate the adolescent period.

Life Skills Package

If you are unable to come to group classes or would prefer not to – or if there is a specific issue you’d like us to help you with around the home or the great outdoors then I can come to you!
A typical week would include “greeting visitors, recall, food stealing and calm around children. I  offer an individual approach that will suit you and your dog. 

Wayward Teens                        

For the adolescent dog that is struggling with Impulse Control and Hormones. This package is designed to give you an understanding of that is going on in your dogs’ brain and body and how to help him/her through this difficult time. Focusing on getting your dog to listen to you and think their way through this difficult stage and through to adulthood. Much of this is information you will not get in a class setting.

Phone consultations

I will call you and discuss the problems you may be having, answer questions and give advice. This service is ideal for common puppy training questions and basic obedience advice.

Telephone Training appointments will be pre-booked at a mutually convenient time.

SKYPE Consultation – available within GB

This is tailored to your dog’s specific needs and is available nationally.

For common training issues via webcam, you can receive instant feedback and where appropriate I can demonstrate with my own dogs.

To find out which package would suit you best and for prices do contact me via the contact button or call 07774528809

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