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Want to know more about how diet affects your dog’s behaviour? Questions about neutering or how hormones affect behaviour or even how to help your dog through the tricky first few years?

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Working with the Emotional Mind

       Hi, I’m Sam, Animal Behaviour Specialist and Dog Trainer

With many happy clients over the years, I have a wealth of experience dealing with animals of all sizes and shapes. Whatever the issue, big or small, I can work with you to resolve it.

My approach is to work with the emotional mind, changing mindsets and perspectives, encouraging the animal to make choices using free will, therefore developing a strong emotional mind. I use a technique known as Free Will Teaching

It is effectively Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for animals. It’s a simple method that doesn’t involve hours of formal training, every owner can put into practice to achieve long lasting results.

Some of the issues I’ve successfully worked with dogs on are pulling on lead, aggression, recall, biting, separation problems, destructive behaviour and fear problems.

                                                       What people say:

Lois Axon –Incredibly engaging and inspiring training days with Sam. Her integrity shines through her methods, I’ve never had any formal dog training but I know I won’t need to look any further. I trust Sam completely to give me honest and ethical training every time.

 Pollyanna’s PoochesSam’s knowledge, understanding and patience are outstanding. I would always go to Sam with any issues or questions that I have.

Jess Bateman – Fabulous in every way. A credit to her profession. Would recommend thoroughly. Her dogs are also absolutely fantastic!

This year I was awarded the position of one of the top three businesses in the area.

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